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Although globalization has caused a convergence of most major industries, health care remains segmented, particularly between "Western" and "Eastern" Medicine. Western Medicine takes a bottom-up approach to drug development, but as such it addresses symptomatic issues rather than foundational causes. Specific molecular targets are chosen, which cause higher toxicity profiles than multi-targeted approaches, resulting in detrimental effects from long-term use which makes them impractical for chronic disease treatment. By contrast, Eastern Medicine utilizes a top-down approach, but it suffers from a lack of properly conducted studies and poor regulation. However, there are many aspects of Eastern Medicine that have been well-studied and proven to work (in many cases with similar efficacy and lower side-effects than Western Medicine) yet have not been integrated into the US healthcare system.


Careway takes the most proven herbal medicines from around the world and integrates them into Western Medicine. To do so, we combine a standardized, integrative research process with collaboration from a review board of prominent specialists from both Western and Eastern Medicine. This allows us to create innovative products that provide consumers better alternatives to existing solutions.


While doing so, our company will exhibit the three fundamental building blocks of communication: credibility, caring, and character. These values are fundamental in upholding our reputation as a high class health care company whose primary purpose is based on social good.





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