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Western medicine takes a single-molecule, bottom-up approach to drug development, while Eastern medicine takes a holistic, top down approach. Our philosophy is to combine the holistic, multi-targeted nature of Eastern medicine with the evidence-based, clinical approach of Western medicine so that you can get the best of both worlds.


Most supplement companies develop the biological component of the product first and then hand the product over to marketing to address consumer psychology. However, this initial disregard for consumer psychology often reduces adherence since the customer's emotional needs and lifestyle were not taken into account. For this reason, the first part of our research funnel addresses the psychology of our customers. In doing so, we ask questions such as: Why don't you use the remedies that are out there currently? If you do use them, how often and to what extent? What kinds of delivery mechanisms appeal to you and why?




Careway researchers conduct an analysis of review studies from the three most prominent medical databases. We filter the compounds based on the number of randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled (RDBPC) studies.



These compounds are then organized by their unique pathways to promote and regulate their area of interest.



Once we have narrowed down our target compounds, they are then filtered by highest efficacy and lowest toxicity.



Finally, they are then filtered by bioavailability in order to find the best delivery mechanism. Once the proposed formula is ready, it is evaluated by an interdisciplinary review board of specialists related to the condition.


After our product has been formulated, we begin testing it and refining it based on feedback from customers. Each product undergoes a double-blind, placebo-controlled product trial and is modified based on data and patient feedback until it meets our standards and expectations for quality and efficacy.





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